My name is Candace!  I live in the BeaUtiful province of British Columbia, Canada in an wonderful city called Vernon located in the Okanagan, with my husband of 23 years.  We have an amazing 20 year old son who lives in Alberta with his girlfriend.

And it's no secret that I LOVE UNICORNS!!!


Life has taken us all on some unexpected journeys over the last couple years.  I know for myself it has forced me to look deep inside in order to figure out what truly makes me happy.  


With support (and a well needed push) from my amazing husband, I decided to be true to myself and create something that makes me happy, it turns out creating Badass Unicorns was it!  Badass Unicorns not only makes me happy but can make others happy by embracing their true selves, too.

As an adult I LOVE unicorn merchandise but find it hard to find things that aren't sized or geared towards children, so I created Badass Unicorns to give us adults the opportunity to stay magical and BU!


BU stands for Badass Unicorns but it means much more to me.  BU means being yourself, whoever that is!
You will see that some of my designs reflect BU in different ways. I love rainbows so all my gear comes with the option of black, white or, rainbow print.  Everything is sized to fit adults!

I am always working on new designs and since my store is still so new I look forward to hearing ideas and suggestions from you! 

Come         with me!